About Tessa

Tessa Kriesel

Building community and teaching come naturally to dog-lover and business owner & leader, Tessa Kriesel. She wears many hats in her life — all with sass and finesse — including founder of Outspoken Women and Coders of TMRW.

Tessa has spoken on many topics, including helping beginners with their development workflows, mentorship, building communities, and shedding light on continuous integration and deployment. She has also been a panelist on a wide range of topics at Conferences and Meetups.

When Tessa isn’t working on her development chops or building community, she is using her extroverted super hero skills to make people feel welcome and included at whatever event she attends.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi


Founder @ Devocate, Director of Business Development @ Tugboat, Previous: Developer Outreach Manager @ Pantheon, Open Source Developer, Public Speaker, Mentor & Influencer Marketer.