About Tessa

Tessa Kriesel

Developer turned Developer Marketer, Tessa Kriesel has been in the tech industry for over 12 years. She is a self-taught developer that has focused on the open source space most of her career.

In 2016, she changed gears and moved into the Developer Relations field where she has since led DevRel & community teams as well as grown communities, advocacy programs & her public speaking skills.

Today, Tessa is Head of Developer Community at Twitter and founder of Devocate, where she offers consulting around developer engagement, marketing, experience, community & Developer Relations.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi


Head of Developer Community @ Twitter | Founder @ Devocate | Previous: Developer Outreach Manager @ Pantheon & @CircleCI, Open Source Developer, Public Speaker, Mentor & Influencer Marketer.