Upcoming Camps You Should Speak At

By tessa on May 11, 2017

Speaking in front of an audience can be very intimidating. It can also be very rewarding. I have always enjoyed speaking in front of other people, even if I’m not always great at it. Camps are a great place for your first time. Odds are, there are other new speakers there as well. Plus, camps are meant for us to learn from each other – no matter what it is you have to teach. So instead of holding all that knowledge inside, share it with the world!

If you are still nervous about speaking – give me a shout, we can talk through your worries or maybe we can even co-present!

Click the camp name to navigate to their call for speakers page.


WordCamp Minneapolis

WordCamp DC

WordCamp Boston

WordCamp for Publishers (Ends May 11, TODAY)

WordCamp Salt Lake City

WordCamp Los Angeles

WordCamp Ann Arbor

WordCamp Seattle

WordCamp US


Twin Cities Drupal Camp

GovCon 2017

Drupal Camp St. Louis

Drupal Camp Asheville

Drupal Camp Colorado


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