Preparing food in a public restroom

By tessa on January 27, 2016

As I sit in a public handicapped bathroom stall pumping I start thinking to myself how much it sucks to be a working mom. I mean don’t get me wrong I love what I do, but not having a proper location to do such a task is quite despicable. I mean would you eat food that was prepared in a public bathroom? Me neither. However, my poor daughter has to drink milk that was obtained and packaged there. Why in the world is nursing and pumping not a more common situation to accommodate for?

I had the luxury of staying home with both of my older children when they were born because I was freelancing, I was clueless to what it would be like this time around. I had no idea that going back to work just 6 weeks after my daughter was born would be so difficult, strategically and emotionally.

I knew Olivia would likely be my last pregnancy, my last delivery, my last newborn baby to cradle and love. Every day of my maternity leave was enjoyed to the fullest and usually included a few tearful moments per day. Either I was crying because I was SO in love with this adorable, beautiful person or I was crying because time was going by so fast and I knew that soon my day-long time with her would be cut down to a few hours per day instead.

I will admit, the first few weeks were horrible, however, I found peace with the fact that I had a career and I had to continue moving forward. Now if only office space owners would have more appropriate places to pump and the world will be a better place.

Update: I ended up leaving the position I had taken post-delivery so I could continue a longer maternity leave. 6 weeks is not enough time to enjoy your beautiful, newborn baby. If I can give any new mom one word(s) of advice, it would be that 6 weeks is not enough, it’s not even close. Plan for a longer, much longer, leave and return only when you are 100% ready.


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