Helping a friend in need

By tessa on November 15, 2017

We all wish for that perfect happy ending. We marry the man (or woman) of our dreams, have children, raise an amazing family together and grow old together in pure happiness. However, sometimes it doesn’t end that way. Sometimes the person we fall in love with isn’t who we thought they were and sometimes you are left to care for the family you created together, alone.

I need your help

A friend of mine, who I met because our boys are the best of friends, has been left in a not so great situation. I don’t want to air her business all over the internet, but she has 4 children, three biological and one adopted, that she has been left to care for alone. She is a kind, caring and giving person that does not deserve to be in this situation. She is a very talented photographer and runs a small clothing business.

How you can help

She has been left financially responsible for their entire family and is struggling. If you are interested in helping someone important to me and my son, there are a few ways you can do so.

Hire her for your photography needs. 
She is very talented and shoots weddings, family photos, headshots and stock photography. Please reach out for her business information.

Shop at her online store.
I have many clothing items from Agnes and Dora and LOVE all of them. They are very nice quality and super cute. I love my Fisher Dress and my Favorite Hoody. Shop her Online Store.

Monetary donation.
All funds raised will go directly to her family while she is trying to get established in a new home with a new life. Donate Now via Paypal or through GoFundMe.

Share this blog post.
If you are not able to help in any of the ways listed above, please share this post to help broaden my reach. 

I asked her how I could help

I asked her how I could help and the only thing she asked me to do was to pray for her to get through this. I will be doing just that and praying that we can all join together to help this fellow mother in need.


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